Using Wet Scrubbers for Combustible Dust Control

Many manufacturers are unaware of the combustibility of the dust their processes may be creating. Dust from foods, plant matter, metals, fuels, plastics, dyes and many other materials can be explosive when combined with other environmental conditions. Electrical devices or processes that can produce sparks or heat can trigger an explosion, especially in areas where poor housekeeping practices have allowed dust to accumulate.

Fortunately, a wet scrubber system can help lower the risk of a dust explosion.

Our new guide, Using Wet Scrubbers for Combustible Dust Control, can help you decide if a wet scrubber is the right solution.

The guide explores:

  • What is combustible dust?
  • Assessing the likelihood of dust combustion SLY_WetScrubberGuideCover
  • How to calculate air volume
  • How to reduce the risk for dust explosions
  • What if you have a dry dust collector?
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