Taking the Guesswork Out of Purchasing a Dust Collector


Demand for dust collection systems is being fueled by growing awareness of the impact of air pollution on health and the environment among consumers combined with rapid urbanization and industrialization.

A variety of dry dust collection options are available on the market, some of which are optimized for specific industries or applications.


But how you do decide what dust collector is best for you and what supplier to use?

Our new Dry Dust Collector Buyer’s Guide can help you navigate the complex specifying and purchasing process once you decide a dust collector or baghouse is the right solution for your air pollution needs. Check out the following in our buyer's guide:

  • Market overview
  • drybgcoverDust collector types
  • When should you use a wet scrubber vs. a dry dust collector?
  • Questions to ask potential suppliers
  • Pricing considerations
  • Sly dust collector offerings


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